‘Disgusting & Sick!' YouTuber Shane Dawson Gets Canceled For ‘Masturbation Joke' With Poster Of Will


YouTuber Shane Dawson has been a controversial figure on the internet for some time now. There was one bathroom space in the hotel lobby that fans were allowed to use, but people on Twitter complained of long lines and needing more space. A number of other YouTubers have been caught up in the added scrutiny following Marbles, Dawson and Star's recent actions.

Charles was ultimately redeemed and Star's involvement was largely forgotten, but recently it's resurfaced, along with new suggestions that Dawson (a pretty beloved figure in the community) may have been involved too. Beauty YouTuber Jeffree Star is a pretty common name to see involved in YouTube drama, and this is no exception.

YouTuber Shane Dawson is addressing a controversy related to old comments that Dawson made about pedophilia, spurred by a video posted Wednesday (Jan. Now, during what is being dubbed Karmageddon, or Dramageddon 2.5, it's been revealed by Shane willow smith Dawson himself that he and Star were aware of the video before it was posted.

The cast interviews actor and comedian Bobby Lee , and they are later joined by YouTuber Meghan Rienks. Jenna Marbles and Shane Dawson have individually responded to public callouts of racist content on both of their channels. As for Day, he eventually left YouTube but denied key elements of the allegations and repeatedly tried to return to the platform with new videos.

The same day Dawson tweeted his rant, he also announced the restock of a mini version of the "Conspiracy" palette he debuted with Star, and he posted videos of himself promoting his makeup products, even though he was practically simultaneously saying he was leaving the beauty community over drama.

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